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Sunday Feelings

Hello everyone 🙂

I always wonder if a weekend could last at least five days, just in order to balance with working days.

I always have the feeling time is running through my fingers like warm fine sand, and I cannot get enough things done within this small bunch of hours.

It is like waking up on a Saturday morning full of good intentions for the day, and taking a moment to admire both sun rise and sun set parading in front of your eyes. With busy pictures and sounds rushing like a fast forwarded movie. So beautifully noisy with a bouncing colorful lightening and so hypnotic that you first realize it is Sunday evening when the show is already over…

Well, on such weekends I am very happy when I succeed in finding time for a cheering-up homemade Sunday treat. One of my favorite, which I unfortunately not make very often anymore, is puff puff. Also known as Beignet or Makala, it is a round slightly sweet pastry (see image), which is, in its simplest variation, made of flour, salt, sugar and water. One of the richest variation I know is additionally made of cornstarch and ripe bananas. All quite simple to make and very tasty. When it comes to the final part, of course eating the warm freshly fried, outside crunchy and inside soft and elastic pastry, it always feels like a big achievement. Yes. It does. If you have not yet experienced that feeling, then maybe it is time for a short break in your very busy weekend?

Happy Sunday ☀️