Black Protein Salad

What about a juicy kidney beans and black lens salad today?

This is NOT a deadly Experiment 🧪😂 and I can assure you that it tastes way better than it looks like! 😂

C’mon, give it a try😉

#Go4it #lekitchenlab #byNU


Pepper Soup

One of my favorite meals in this season. A hot, spicy and tasty soup to chase away the cold.

Following the tradition, it’s about fish, “country spices” and pepper 🌶 wrapped in a bunch of plantain leaves and slowly stewed on a charcoal cooker. To serve with boiled half ripe plantains.

Well, far away from home I do it in an anti adhesive pot with no lost of taste and aroma. I let my plantains cook together with the fish, so that all the good of it gets shared and creates a perfect harmony!

Easy, hot, healthy and tasty. The perfect combination.



Tic Tac… ⏰

Il y a un an de cela, nous étions dans l’attente d’un événement grandiose.

La naissance d’une princesse, celle que j’appelle aujourd’hui affectueusement “Tchopinette”.

Dans quelques jours, elle soufflera sur sa première bougie. L’attente est renouvelée tandis que les souvenirs affluent.

Tic tac, tic tac, tic tac…



Strawberry Tart 🍓

Ooh I know, the summer is over and there are no strawberries available anymore – at least not here (lol).

BUT I am just so in love with this tart I made a few months ago and I couldn’t help but share it with you (not sorry).

Look at the yummy color of these fresh harvested juicy and sweet rubins ❤️…




Throwback Tuesday

Not far ago this year I got this beautiful greeting card from a BFF. Quite unexpectedly and surprisingly. Well, it’s not just a card I would say. Even if the gift it was attached to, a nice white and brown colored handbag with a red woolen pompom I couldn’t help but have been wearing and showing around since then (chuckles), is handsome on its own.

I must say that I didn’t expect any present this year. May be because I slowly feel the weight of time lowering deeper and deeper on my shoulders and I realize that biggest joy and fulfillment are to be found in small things. Some call it wisdom (more chuckles).

But back to our topic. The card is made out of light wood. It appeals to my nature side by its simplistic rawness. Its perfume brings me back to my teenage-hood where I used to explore woods, smell at trees and fallen broken branches. At times I found myself pushing the experiment to some extend… Have you ever tasted wood? Not like a child but with the consciousness of an adult. Well, I did. This greeting card brought me back to the time I was spontaneous and open for adventures, not caring much about how it looked like to other people or about the consequences. That is consciousness of responsibilities some will say again (smirk). Nowadays, consciousness goes together with caution and deep thoughtfulness. Added to it the busyness of our daily routines, there is not much left to oneself.

So letting things go through my mind is like allowing myself to recall who I really am and where I really want to be. Not-so-off-topic and then, knowing or been remembered that I am fabulous to somebody I surely cherish is kind of a great feeling and grants me another glance at the essence of life: That smooth but solid anchor in the middle of a swirl.


Sunday Feelings

Hello everyone 🙂

I always wonder if a weekend could last at least five days, just in order to balance with working days.

I always have the feeling time is running through my fingers like warm fine sand, and I cannot get enough things done within this small bunch of hours.

It is like waking up on a Saturday morning full of good intentions for the day, and taking a moment to admire both sun rise and sun set parading in front of your eyes. With busy pictures and sounds rushing like a fast forwarded movie. So beautifully noisy with a bouncing colorful lightening and so hypnotic that you first realize it is Sunday evening when the show is already over…

Well, on such weekends I am very happy when I succeed in finding time for a cheering-up homemade Sunday treat. One of my favorite, which I unfortunately not make very often anymore, is puff puff. Also known as Beignet or Makala, it is a round slightly sweet pastry (see image), which is, in its simplest variation, made of flour, salt, sugar and water. One of the richest variation I know is additionally made of cornstarch and ripe bananas. All quite simple to make and very tasty. When it comes to the final part, of course eating the warm freshly fried, outside crunchy and inside soft and elastic pastry, it always feels like a big achievement. Yes. It does. If you have not yet experienced that feeling, then maybe it is time for a short break in your very busy weekend?

Happy Sunday ☀️

She, mine

32 years ago

She was 32

Just as I am

Something of non-recurring nature

A unique experience

She, my history

She, my inspiration

She, my delicate

She, my mum

She, mine.

Happy birthday to us ❤️

Brochettes de poulet aux épices des Caraïbes

Bonjour chers tous,

Nous démarrons l’année sur de nouvelles saveurs et avec un nouvel appétit 😋. Pour commencer, j’aimerais vous proposer une recette assez récente que j’ai trouvée pas mal. Il s’agit de quelques délicieuses brochettes de poulet assaisonnées avec amour 😊.

En principe, les quantités peuvent nourrir entre 4 et 6 personnes. Cela dépendra surtout de la grosseur de vos sticks de brochettes et/ou de la quantité de légumes que vous préférerez. En ce qui me concerne, les légumes ont la première place dans la plupart de mes repas 😉.

Alors, pour 4-6 personnes, vous aurez besoin de :

  • 600g de blanc de poulet
  • 30 ml de crème de noix de coco
  • 1 courgette
  • 1 gros poivron
  • 1 grosse tomate
  • 1 gros oignon
  • Ail
  • Gingembre
  • 2 tranches d’ananas
  • 2 cs de jus d’ananas ou d’orange
  • Un peu d’huile
  • Coriandre
  • Thym
  • Cumin
  • Curry
  • Moutarde
  • Miel
  • Poivre multicolore
  • Sel
  • Cube

Découper le poulet, les légumes et l’ananas en dés et mettre de côté. Écraser toutes les épices, y ajouter le jus d’ananas, le miel et la moutarde, puis assaisonner. Mélanger l’assaisonnement, le poulet, les légumes et l’ananas, puis laisser mariner au frais pendant au moins 30 minutes. Enficher le tout sur des sticks et faire cuire au barbecue ou à la poêle. Servir chaud avec du riz blanc ou risotto. Bon appétit !!! 😋