Black Protein Salad

What about a juicy kidney beans and black lens salad today?

This is NOT a deadly Experiment đŸ§Ș😂 and I can assure you that it tastes way better than it looks like! 😂

C’mon, give it a try😉

#Go4it #lekitchenlab #byNU


Pepper Soup

One of my favorite meals in this season. A hot, spicy and tasty soup to chase away the cold.

Following the tradition, it’s about fish, “country spices” and pepper đŸŒ¶ wrapped in a bunch of plantain leaves and slowly stewed on a charcoal cooker. To serve with boiled half ripe plantains.

Well, far away from home I do it in an anti adhesive pot with no lost of taste and aroma. I let my plantains cook together with the fish, so that all the good of it gets shared and creates a perfect harmony!

Easy, hot, healthy and tasty. The perfect combination.



Tic Tac… ⏰

Il y a un an de cela, nous Ă©tions dans l’attente d’un Ă©vĂ©nement grandiose.

La naissance d’une princesse, celle que j’appelle aujourd’hui affectueusement “Tchopinette”.

Dans quelques jours, elle soufflera sur sa premiĂšre bougie. L’attente est renouvelĂ©e tandis que les souvenirs affluent.

Tic tac, tic tac, tic tac…



Strawberry Tart 🍓

Ooh I know, the summer is over and there are no strawberries available anymore – at least not here (lol).

BUT I am just so in love with this tart I made a few months ago and I couldn’t help but share it with you (not sorry).

Look at the yummy color of these fresh harvested juicy and sweet rubins ❀…




Throwback Tuesday

Not far ago this year I got this beautiful greeting card from a BFF. Quite unexpectedly and surprisingly. Well, it’s not just a card I would say. Even if the gift it was attached to, a nice white and brown colored handbag with a red woolen pompom I couldn’t help but have been wearing and showing around since then (chuckles), is handsome on its own.

I must say that I didn’t expect any present this year. May be because I slowly feel the weight of time lowering deeper and deeper on my shoulders and I realize that biggest joy and fulfillment are to be found in small things. Some call it wisdom (more chuckles).

But back to our topic. The card is made out of light wood. It appeals to my nature side by its simplistic rawness. Its perfume brings me back to my teenage-hood where I used to explore woods, smell at trees and fallen broken branches. At times I found myself pushing the experiment to some extend… Have you ever tasted wood? Not like a child but with the consciousness of an adult. Well, I did. This greeting card brought me back to the time I was spontaneous and open for adventures, not caring much about how it looked like to other people or about the consequences. That is consciousness of responsibilities some will say again (smirk). Nowadays, consciousness goes together with caution and deep thoughtfulness. Added to it the busyness of our daily routines, there is not much left to oneself.

So letting things go through my mind is like allowing myself to recall who I really am and where I really want to be. Not-so-off-topic and then, knowing or been remembered that I am fabulous to somebody I surely cherish is kind of a great feeling and grants me another glance at the essence of life: That smooth but solid anchor in the middle of a swirl.


5 astuces pour manger sain tout en consommant des fĂ©culents

Chili noodles with smoked sausage

Contrairement Ă  la pensĂ©e populaire, s’alimenter sainement n’est pas synonyme de renoncer complĂštement aux fĂ©culents. Dans notre effort quotidien d’Ă©quilibrer notre alimentation, il s’agirait plutĂŽt soit de rĂ©duire les quantitĂ©s de ces aliments qui nous font plus de “mal” que de bien, Ă  savoir les fĂ©culents (pain, riz, pĂątes, tubercules, couscous, pommes de terre…), soit les remplacer par des Ă©quivalents souvent plus coĂ»teux (ex.: graines de quinoa). Les sucres lents Ă©tant une source d’Ă©nergie importante pour l’organisme, surtout lorsque l’on est actif, il est plutĂŽt dĂ©conseillĂ© de les Ă©liminer entiĂšrement.

Voici donc 5 astuces pour ceux lĂ  qui ne souhaitent pas sortir de l’ordinaire et aimeraient conserver un tant soit peu leurs goĂ»ts culinaires sans dĂ©penser plus:

  1. Remplacer une part de féculents par une part de légumes ou viande/poisson;
  2. Peser la quantitĂ© consommĂ©e Ă  chaque repas: 150 Ă  250g seraient une mesure raisonnable selon les activitĂ©s quotidiennes, l’Ăąge, le sexe…;
  3. Préférer les pommes de terre aux tubercules, le couscous au riz, les pùtes à la semoule, les céréales complÚtes aux raffinées etc;
  4. Consommer les féculents uniquement en journée et surtout pas aprÚs 18h;
  5. Pratiquer une activité sportive réguliÚre, soit environ 45 minutes de cardio au moins 3 fois par semaine.

A vous de jouer!