The various sources of proteins

2016-05-02 11.31.50

Mushrooms with sausage

Hi there!

Fresh ingredients are my secret number one for delicious and tasty meals. When it comes to what enters my stomach, I am very selective without necessarily being difficult (lol).

(Fresh) Proteins as well have a very important place on my priority list. They don’t only provide you with vitamin D or strengthen your bone construction, but they also nourish your muscles, which is important when doing sports or a diet. A big variety of food items is available at the marketplace which will supply you with all kind of vegetal and animal proteins. Indeed, aliments like mushrooms, beans or lenses contain a high percentage of proteins, just like milk, meat or eggs. Alternating the sources of proteins therefore helps you having varied and healthy meals.

Open your mind to more and let your creativity explode, for a better, nicer, tastier life !





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